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This web site was inspired by my own experience with prayer and the intercession of saints.  Like many of you we have seen our share of troubled times and prayed for hope or assistance. 

Prayer, Affirmation, Declaration and Intention. 

In recent history more and more people are opening themselves to forms of devotion such as these.  All represent the desire or will for a specific result or change.  Although the power of prayers purpose is intended to open a channel to the divine and give our troubles to God.  Many people choose to invoke the help of saints as well as God.  Below are some of the more popular saints and virgin prayers.

Popular Saints
St. Mark St. Jude The Virgin Mary
 St. Mark St. Jude Virgin Mary
St. Christopher St. Anthony St. George
St, Christopher St. Anthony St. George

The honor paid to saints is entirely different from the supreme honor due to God alone, and is indeed paid to them only as his servants and friends.

By honoring the Saints and by invoking their intercession…the glory of God is very much increased, in proportion as the hope of men is thus more excited and confirmed, and they are encouraged to the imitation of the Saints. To learn more about the saints click here.

Power of Prayer to Saints

Many different Christian denominations venerate, or honor, Saints. Many also believe that you can appeal for Saints intercession, a Saint acting on your behalf in response to prayers, will occur if God wills it.

At When Saints Intercede, we are actively collecting modern stories of prayer to Saints. Our hope is to publish a book of these inspirational stories and modern miracles.

We will not focus on any specific Church or Saint. Instead, we hope to present miracles from Saints that have been granted to people in all walks of life. We believe that this will be an incredibly moving and powerful collection.

From prayers to St. Jude to appeals to St. Mary, intercession happens every single day. Please take a moment to learn more about When Saints Intercede and our project. We invite, and urge you, to share miracle stories of your own online.

Inspiration For Site

By faith my prayers were answered and I was motivated to share my stories of intercession and yours.  In the near future, I will be publishing a book that is a collections of testimonials and thanksgiving to the saints that have come to our aid. 

Read the story of St. Therese interceding on my behalf.

What's Your Story?

We would love to know if you have a patron saint?  How often do you ask your saint for assistance?  Do you have a specific prayer that was answered?  Would you like to offer your thanks to a specific saint for the countless acts they have performed on your behalf?  If, so please fill out our online form or post in our message board.  

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